• COVID-19 Pandemic (UPDATED: August 31, 2021)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Pastor Edwards doing?

Pastor Darron LaMonte Edwards is doing his best to navigate the church in this pandemic. No pastor in the history of modern Christianity has led through a time like this.  Your prayers more than your criticism is appreciated.

To date, according to the Harversters Impact Report, we have distributed meals and groceries to over 160,000 people.  According to the most recent report, we have acquired 223,788­­­­­ pounds of food and household goods from Harvesters valued at $300,535.75.  Our meal program through Sysco Foods (Appetite For Humanity) has helped to give out an additional $51,000.Also through our partnership with Kohl's Department store, we have given away over $55,000 in clothing. This means we have disseminated a little less than one-half a million dollars in charitable relief!

Most importantly, we have led 78 souls to Christ through our virtual & drive in worship services. We have served the greater community with mobile food pantries, a polling location, developed a virtual academy for elementary students, and we have recently petitioned the Governor and Mayor to become a COVID-19 medical site.

All of this has been done while our building has been closed but ministry has continued to expand.

We have done our best to keep our church family inspired, engaged, and updated through utilizing phone calls, text, online parties, and social media.

We have been featured on local, state, and national television, internet, & radio broadcast stations for our innovative approaches during this unprecedented time.

Is there a process to returning to a new normal as it relates to gathered worship?

Yes.  We are watching our limited capacity.  Once our sanctuary is filled, you will have to view from several smaller overflow rooms. TEMPERATURE CHECKS & SOCIAL DISTANCING IS ENCOURAGED; MASKS & FACE COVERINGS ARE REQUIRED.


A) All worshippers must adhere to strict CDC protocol -- which includes, if you are sick -- stay home, maintain social distance (no hugging, no handshaking, no touch your neighbor--LOL) -- If you do not adhere to these codes of conduct, we will have to evaluate your continued attendance until restrictions lighten.

B) Before getting out of your car, please properly place on your mask.  Upon entry, you must have your temperature recorded.

C) You may enter the sanctuary. Please DO NOT rearrange or move the chairs. Worship as freely as you desire as long as you recognize and respect CDC guidelines.

D) NOTICEABLE CHANGES ONSITE & ONGOING.  There will NOT be any greeters, ushers, printed programs, water fountain usage.  If you desire prayer or choose to know Jesus as your Savior -- when prompted by Pastor -- you will simply stand at your chairPrayers will be administered from the podium only.

E) ADDITIONAL CHANGES ONSITE.  We strongly encourage online giving through our platforms.   If you do not feel comfortable giving online, we have giving kiosk placed throughout the building whereby you can place your offering as you enter or exit.

F) ENTER/EXIT -- The way you enter the building is NOT the way you will exit the building.  A clearly marked path will guide you to the exit doors.

The singing, preaching, and excitement of gathered worship is waiting on you! These changes will take a moment to get accustomed but the ESSENTIAL THINGS that you enjoy has not and will not change which is the singing, praising, and preaching.

LET'S STATE THIS AGAIN, our church is a mask required facility and campus.  All essential volunteers, staff, members and guests will be required to wear a mask in the pulpit, music area, audience, offices, and throughout the building and on the church campus (including the parking lot).  No exceptions.

How will you address “fellowship” and cordiality within the church?

For starters, we need to practice social distancing (this will be a new normal).

We can welcome and acknowledge people verbally without physical contact.

Please understand that if you feel the need to fellowship, please exit the building first.

  • We will be totally eliminating all water fountains. Please come prepared with your own bottled water for use outside of the sanctuary.  Please no food or drink allowed in the sanctuary.
  • We will be totally eliminating the “meet & greet” period in gathered worship.
  • We will be totally eliminating altar workers at the conclusion of the sermon in gathered worship.
  • We will be totally eliminating food services as it relates to breakfast and birthday/anniversary treats.
  • Be mindful of social distancing during restroom usage (Example: no more than 2 persons at a time.)

What adjustments will you make to Communion, Baptism, etc?

Communion will be administered by utilizing fellowship cups placed on a table in the foyer and each person will be responsible for grabbing their own fellowship cup. A fellowship cup combines the bread and beverage.

For your safety, Baptism will only be administered by deacons who have been vaccinated. The baptism candidate does not have to be vaccinated but must follow all normal protocols.  No family will be allowed on the stage.  Our camera crew will be positioned so you can see by looking at the big screens.

What about Sunday School and Small Groups?

Sunday School and all small groups will embrace a digital platform. We will continue to offer you the best virtual Bible lessons and small group engagement via our digital services.

Are we continuing children’s church?

No. Kids worship will not happen until we have adequately developed a social distance plan for the area.  Once a plan is developed and approved, parents will have the opportunity to inspect our area and witness for themselves our new normal kids activities. At a time that is comfortable for them, the parents will make the determination when it is safe for their children to attend.

Are we hosting any onsite special events or programs in 2021?

No. we are postponing any and all onsite special programs and events. This list also includes NO baby showers, bridal or birthday parties.

What new or emerging trends will come from COVID-19?

Honestly, God has already uniquely positioned us with our HAM focus. Homelessness, Advocacy work, and Mental health are and will be the emerging and growing trends during this pandemic and we are already focused to meet these needs.

There are several ways to give

What is the church’s official response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our church’s official response to this pandemic is that we believe in FAITH over FEAR.  Please be assured that we are following all recommended strict protocols and directives given by medical scientists and highly trained health professionals.

Can UBCC host funerals during this time?

Yes, we can host a funeral at the church. Whatever the latest guidelines imposed by our city health department will be our guidelines to how we will execute.  As long as there is a threat to public safety with COVID-19, we cannot and will not be hosting repasts at the church in the foreseeable future.

Can UBCC host weddings during this time?

Yes, we can host a wedding at the church. Whatever the latest guidelines imposed by our city health department will be our guidelines to how we will execute.  As long as there is a threat to public safety with COVID-19, we cannot and will not be hosting receptions at the church in the foreseeable future.