Our Core Values

Biblical Guidance
We allow the Bible to define the beliefs and behaviors that we embrace.
Though we value truth from all sources, the Bible is our ultimate guide.

Spiritual Progress

We encourage life-long spiritual growth among our members. The Christian
life is a journey from one level of maturity to another with the ultimate
goal being full surrender to Christ in every area of life.

Prayerful Dependence
We request God's involvement in our lives through personal, family, and
congregational prayer.

Life-Oriented Teaching
We emphasize the relevance of the Bible to real life issues when we teach so
that people know "how" to honor God in their everyday activities.

Outreach to Non-Christians
We value relationships with pre-Christians and seek to serve them in
practical ways.

Gracious Acceptance
We embrace all who come to our church regardless of racial, cultural,
educational, political, or economic differences. We also embrace those with
life controlling challenges.

Supportive Relationships
We promote mutually encouraging relationships among our members. Loving,
healthy relationships provide the ideal environment for spiritual
transformation to take place.

Multi-Generational Ministry
We structure ministries to meet the needs of each generation. Mature adults,
young adults, youth, and children all need ministries that address their
specific needs.

Unique Giftedness of Each Person
We acknowledge that God has given each person different gifts, passions, and
skills so we encourage our members to serve God in ways that fit their
unique design.

Community Service
We share the love of Christ with our community through developing ministries
that target specific needs of the disenfranchised.

Excellence and Innovation
We pursue creative ways to serve God by utilizing the latest technology in
all we do.