God is the founder and foundation of United Believers Community Church.

Obediently responding to the unction of the Holy Spirit, a group of dedicated Christians, instructed by God, came together on September 1st, 1997 for the purpose of birthing a new and unique ministry. This small group of believers who had been members of St. Stephen Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri, believed that God had greater works for them to do.

The following events led to the birthing of United Believers Community Baptist Church, Kansas City, Missouri.


The first official founders’ meeting was held there on September 1st, 1997 at First Fidelity Mortgage Company in Prairie Village, Kansas.

The following people were present at the first meeting: LaTonya Barber, Ruby Beavers, Mary Brackens, Susan Bradford, Robert Chambers, Betty Hardin, Lacy Jones, Bryant Keith Newsome, Edward Newsome, Jerry Newsome, MaryAlice Newsome, Robert Newsome, Sr., Sterling Newsome, Sr., Travis Alexis Newsome, Travis D. L. Newsome, Herman Peters, Leola Pippens, Willie Pippens, Sr., Sylvester Rhynes, Laura Ruffin, Joe Turner, Sammie West, Carolyn Wiggins, and Robert Wiggins.


God spoke to Sister Leola Pippens in a dream and gave her the name, United Believers Community Church. The name was unanimously approved by the group.

The first public worship service for United Believers Community Church was held at Boone Elementary School at 8817 Wornall Road, in Kansas City, on November 23rd, 1997.

Through Travis Newsome, the Lord directed our attention to a building for sale at 7546 Troost Avenue.  With fewer than 75 members the church raised $40,000 within 60 days for the down payment to purchase the building. The “Grand Opening Service” was held on June 14th, 1998 at the Troost Campus.


Reverend Gregory Kirby, founding pastor of United Believers Community Church remained in his position as senior pastor at Steeple Chase Baptist Church, in Shreveport. For over two years, Reverend Kirby would preach the morning worship service in Shreveport and then fly to Kansas City to lead the 4:00 PM worship service. A board of directors, chaired by Robert Newsome and consisting of Estelle Banks, Betty Hardin, Margaret Hicks, Jerry Newsome, Sterling Newsome, Leola Pippens, Laura Ruffin, and Sylvester Rhynes, was established to oversee the general operations of the church. Sterling Newsome served briefly and was replaced by Phyllis Brown.

The board appointed a pastoral search committee which was chaired by Delores French and Burnut Woods, Sr. Other committee members were Phyllis Brown, Megan Carter, Margaret Hicks, Eldon Spears, and Winnie Stuckey. A primary challenge of the board was to ensure that the pulpit was filled each Sunday. Reverend Kirby officially resigned his position with United Believers Community Church on January 23rd, 2000. The church was without a pastor for five months.


The pastoral search committee worked diligently to find a new leader. The search committee invited Reverend Edwards to come and preach on May 21st, 2000. Impressed by his dynamic Word-based teaching and preaching, his impeccable credentials of spiritual leadership, and his devotion to God and family, the church elected him pastor on June 25th, 2000. Under the dedicated leadership of Pastor Edwards, the membership has grown considerably, many meaningful ministries have taken shape, and people throughout the area have been blessed. To God be the glory!

(Footnote: Sylvester Rhynes, Robert Newsome, Ruby Beavers, Sterling Newsome, Jerry Newsome, Betty Hardin, Leola Pippens, Reverend Darron Edwards, and Edward Newsome contributed to the writing of this document).

In the fall of 2010, United Believers Community Church, under the leadership of Pastor Darron LaMonte Edwards, acquired the old Greendale Baptist Church located at 5445 East 29th Street.  This campus is referred to as our NORTH CAMPUS.  This church (North Campus) was given to the pastor and church without indebtedness with only a gospel mandate to reach souls in the urban core.  

On Easter 2011, the church opened her doors to a new multi-million dollar facility located at 5600 East 112th Terrace.  This campus is referred to as our SOUTH CAMPUS.  We have witnessed the hand of God at work in and through our church and pastor.

In 2020, the world was stricken by the COVID-19 pandemic.  During the Coronavirus crisis, Pastor Edwards and the church pivoted from an on campus platform to an online platform for 55 consecutive weeks.  Without an in-person worship, the church continued to offer help and hope by increasing their community involvement, membership, and revenue during this time-frame. The story continues.